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tier one trading program

Program Type: Managed buy/sell program, with Bank admin hold (funds are not moved from client bank account)
Amount: USD1m to USD100m
Jurisdiction: Client money must be in USD and held in a top international bank. 
Period: This is a 40-week trade with a 3x bullet sessions after 15 bank days. The leveraged funds then earn 100% per month for the duration of the trade.
Profits: Shared 25% to the platform and 75% to the investor, Profits are paid weekly subsequent to the bullet session via our appointed paymaster. Bentley Legal, UK, FCA licensed.
Timetable: The timeline from submission to trading will be indicatively 3-4 weeks.

A private contract for a 12-month term will be entered into between introducer and client.

Timeline from submission to trading is indicatively 3-4 weeks to allow for accumulation of USD100m and completion of documentation including Agreements between investor and platform and trade contract between investor and trade desk.
The platform aggregates clients’ accounts to a minimum of USD100m which is then “mirrored” by the trade desk by drawing down their credit line and starting the managed buy/sell trade program administration hold must be provided by client’s bank to the trade desk bank and mutually agreed. First payments are expected to be approximately 4 weeks after start of trading. 
Trading will commence in early August 2020, or on the 1st tranche of files that have already been accepted by the platform compliance team. New files that have been accepted after this point will be submitted to the trade desk every 2 weeks hereafter. Note: Annual re-entry is permitted subject to program availability.

For informational purposes only based on a $1,000,000 account with administrative hold, the investor’s ‘estimated’ return may be approximately $3,000,000 per month, paid as $750,000 per week x 40 weeks = $30,000,000 for the trade period.
NOTE: This ‘estimate’ will not be referenced in the trade agreement and is for informational purposes only.

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