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  • A fixed term & fixed return investment
  • 2 & 5 year term options
  • The underlying assets are all German property
  • Vast experience and trading history across the network of Red Rock Group Companies
  • Security provisions are in place for the investment

For this specific investment proposition, Red Rock Investments borrows money from qualifying individuals in the United Kingdom. This is accomplished in the form of Loan Notes that are issued by a German Property Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) which is a subsidiary company of Red Rock
The terms of the Loan Notes are set out in the Loan Note Instrument document, which include fixed returns of interest and capital. 

The Loan Note Instrument and associated documents have been drafted by UK lawyers, who possess the relevant experience in banking, finance and financial services.
Red Rock Investments uses the loan money to fund its work with carefully sourced German property.
This is carried out in accordance with the companies previously explained, three-tiered strategic focus.

Loan Note Options
Red Rock Investments offers two term options and two investment types. There are two year and five-year term options.

  • The return for the two year option is fixed at 7% per annum
  • The return for the five year option is fixed at 8% per annum

Interest is paid out every 6 months. and original capital is returned at the end of the term contract.