Managed Private Placement

High Yield Managed Private Placement

The trading strategy has been developed with over 15 years of experience in currency and equity markets and offers a “done for you” solution, through our closely managed and monitored trading accounts.

Since 2017, the fund has been delivering outstanding returns for clients every year, without exception.

Our hands-on approach to placement design and management, together with our proven track record of unprecedented returns, positions us in a good space to attract smart investors who measure their own risk levels and appetite, to make well informed decisions about their wealth, and investment diversification.

At is core this is a specialist Currency Trading program, using only top broker dealers, and traders to action the trades.

Capital protection: for this trading option, the broker dealer places a maximum of 50% stop loss on each trade.

Use of funds: clients must be aware that this is a buy/sell trading program. This means your funds deposited into the account are physically used on a day to day basis, at the discretion of the Trader.  The balance shown in your monthly account statement will reflect the outcome of these trade orders, however, is not a true indication of your available balance – known as Equity.

Equity Balance:  The equity balance of your account will fluctuate as the trading drawdown increases and decreases, and clients are to avoid withdrawal requests in times of high drawdown.

Exit strategy: it is beneficial to any knowledgeable investor to allow for a long period of time, to get a true annual average, although clients can cancel without penalty at any time, after the initial period of 90 days is complete.

Withdrawals: withdrawal requests are allowed, but not guaranteed, and are processed within 30-90 days of receipt of notice, and notice must be given 7 days in advance, and notice periods run from month end to month end.

Summary: the trading is performed in Euro, and offers currency diversification and easy global distribution, as well as good succession planning. Terms and Conditions apply.

The investment: a minimum of €UR/£BP/U$D5,000 is required.

For smaller amounts please click here.

Return on Investment:  please see the chart of historical results, shown below.

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
2017 4.0% 5.25% 6.0% 4.10% 2.0% -1.50% -11.25% 2.25%
2018 6.0% 6.0% 4.80% 3.80% 1.67% 2.10% 1.50% 2.04% 1.26% 3.62% 2.84% 0.96%
2019 1.84% 2.62% 3.01% 1.98% 1.76% 2.76% 2.51% 1.91% 2.36% 1.11% 2.04% 1.41%
2020 2.51% 1.57% 0.41% -0.65% 1.51% 0.89% 1.27% 0.33% 1.14% 2.01%